Wow, NEEHU 7 was our best and biggest event yet!!  Here’s the opening greeting from our program book:

Thank you for joining us for this weekend-long all-you-can-eat buffet of hypnotic adventures! Whether this is your first hypnosis convention ever or you’ve been coming for years, take a moment to reflect on our community and all the progress we have made in the past ten years. Ten years ago, few of us had met in person, trancing in real life was something that most of us only dreamed about, and there wasn’t much acknowledgement of hypnosis as a kink in the kink community.

Fast forward to today, where in the past year there have been four(!!!) hypnosis conferences with more than 150 attendees each. In addition to the beloved familiar names, we have so many new names and faces in our midst. We are training and inspiring the next generation of attendees and presenters. This year, we welcome 21 presenters who have never presented at NEEHU in addition to 26 more familiar names. Please make every effort to go to some of these fresh new classes!

Please go forth this weekend and have an abundance of mneehu-7-programentally, emotionally, and otherwise stimulating experiences. You are in a unique space surrounded by friends, and friends you have never met. This is a place where you can ask for what you need and explore those things deep in your heart that you know you need.

Because you are the right people, in the right place, at the right time, so let’s make all that we desire happen before it is over.


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I’m planning on attending my first (un)Conference this year and I’ll only have one weekday off from work. Based on the experience of past attendees, would there be more people and more activities to participate in if I attended Fri-Sat-Sun or Sat-Sun-Mon?

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