NEEHU 12 AKA EEEHU 2 – March 18-22, 2021!

Get your hypnokink on from the safety of your own home this spring! 100% NEEHU goodness, 0% sucky virus. Hopefully next year we’ll be back!

Event Overview

NEEHU, COVID style round 2! Now with planning! This con aims to provide you with a long weekend full of classes, social activities, and that same feeling of community you get when going to an in-person con. Only, we’ll do it through the magic of the internet! This con will feature:

  • Round the clock programming delivered by Sched/Zoom/Discord
  • Lots of social events where you can meet people and play
  • Streaming playback of select classes during/after the con
  • Discord shenanigans aplenty
  • Awesome Volunteer Raffle for volunteers
  • 18+ event
  • $10+ registration fee (pay what you will, we want everyone to be able to attend <3)
  • And so much more! (Join our Discord for more information.)

This conference will operate on a “pay what you will” basis because COVID sucks and so many people are un/under-employed. If you can afford to pay more, please do so! Our expenses are a bit higher than you would expect because we did not receive the funds from NEEHU/EEEHU 1 due to COVID-related issues with Brown Paper Tickets. Funds in excess of our expenses will go towards more awesome volunteer raffle prizes, and possibly extending the raffle to presenters. Beyond that, funds will go towards scholarships for people to attend NEEHU 13 which hopefully will be in person in 2022 and to offset costs related to hosting a con so close to a pandemic.

Contributing to the event!

An event of this magnitude will likely have 50-100 presenters and a similar number of volunteers! It takes an army to make an awesome event! NEEHU/EEEHU strives to be the event YOU want it to be, so please share with us your ideas, your passion, and your needs so we can make this the best event for you!


  • This is an 18+ event. All attendees are required to show proof of age for admission.
  • Please respect the privacy of the people contributing to this event. No capturing video or audio from our presentations or chats.
  • Consent is required, no different from real life!

Your Privacy is Paramount (READ THIS)

Help us keep your private information private! Eventbrite and Sched are not designed for hosting kink events; they think that it’s OK to put your real name on your account. This is not OK with us, so please help us make sure your name stays private. To this end, PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR REAL NAME IN THE NAME FIELD WHEN YOU BUY TICKETS. We DO need to collect your real name, so there will be a spot for your name in the survey , where we DO want your real name. If you’re not comfortable putting your real name in the registration, we will find another way to do it after you register. In addition to asking you not to put your name in the Name field, we will go through every registered attendee’s info on Sched before making it viewable to protect your confidentiality. We highly recommend using a kink-only account for buying your tickets on EventBrite, and for e-mail communications.

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