Consent Resources

This section of the web page is to provide the community with resources to help deepen our understanding of the many consent issues that may arise in hypnosis, and how we may educate ourselves to make sure our play is both satisfying and does no harm.

Basic Resources:

Consent is like tea!

The Consent Section from has some good basic descriptions of consent models and why consent is important.

The consent section from has a more in depth description of consent with links to further resources.

Negotiation 101 Class notes from Robot Hugs and Tormenta.

Rope bottom Guide. Because rope bottoming is one of those things in kink where clear and accurate communication sometimes is the difference between injury and a great scene.


The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom has many resources including incident reporting, a listing of kink aware professionals, and educational materials.

The Consent Academy is an educational collective based out of Seattle, WA with volunteers all over the world. Their mission is to teach consent in all of its complexity, aspects, and potential. Their approach incorporates disciplines of psychology, sociology, public health, psychotherapy, and personal coaching to create a systemic view of how consent impacts everyone, from the bedroom to the boardroom. They offer a variety of Zoom classes geared towards both individuals and organizations.


Erotic Hypnosis Negotiation Checklist by Professor-x. Requires Fetlife login.

Scene, sex, and relationship negotiation worksheets by Pervocracy. The worksheets are free to use, share, and/or modify!

Resources to improve your play:

3 Steps Toward Good Sex Beyond the Binary by Maya Gittelman. A great article about sexytimes for all genders and sexualities.

Discussions online:

Consent Injury – terminology to talk about consent issues

Personal Responsibility and Victim Blaming

How to date a newby without being labeled a predator

Consent Edgeplay

Consent, Risk Assessment, and Responsibility

Should They Be Banned?