NEEHU 11/XI is moving online and shall be called EEEHU!!!

The physical event has been cancelled

1. I am unable to find a time to reschedule NEEHU in 2020 that the hotel and dungeon furniture provider have availability, so I have made the decision to officially transmute NEEHU 11 into EEEHU.

2. NEEHU 12 will be at the end of March, 2021 at the same hotel with the Magic theme. I will have registration information up for this soon.

3. Regarding hotel room cancellations, the hotel told me that they would handle cancelling our entire block so individuals don’t need to take action. I will confirm this with the hotel.

4. Regarding tickets purchased for NEEHU 11, we have it set up so that you WILL need to manually request a refund. **All funds NOT refunded by April 8th will be sent to me ** and will go towards next year’s event (scholarships, cool stuff.) Please request a refund through Brown Paper Tickets if you want one! Here’s the link to the ticketing site to help you get this done!

5. Ok, now time for some happy news! We’re organizing an online conference called EEEHU!!  It will be held on a private discord server and Google Meet on March 28-29. (And maybe March 27 if there is a lot of interest!)  This event will be FREE with option to donate $10-20, which will again go towards defraying costs of cancelled event and making next year’s event better. You need to register to get the info for the event!

6. If you are interested in presenting an online class at EEEHU, here is the presenter signup sheet! Classes may be voice only, video, voice with slides, or whatever else you come up with! This is not limited to NEEHU presenters! We’re getting so much interest from people who have never been able to travel to NEEHU!

Stay safe out there, everyone! Remember, 20 seconds is a nice bit of time to take a few deep breaths and relax while you are washing your hands. 🙂


NEEHU XI is postponed, more info pending

I don’t know the details yet. Will update this when I have them!

What I know:

The event potentially owes the hotel for 75% of the total cost of rooms. I need to have a discussion with the hotel.

Refunds will be issued to people who want them (need to work out the details with Brown Paper Tickets)

We will be having an online conference on NEEHU weekend (details pending!) (eeeeeeHU anyone?)

This is a really shitty situation and I am very sad. But we must do what we can to flatten the curve. This is too serious to ignore. Read these articles and imagine this is happening to your friends.