NEEHU Mission Statement

  1. NEEHU is a small, volunteer-run convention dedicated to meeting the educational and recreational needs of the Erotic Hypnosis Community. NEEHU works hard to be an event that is geared towards providing a safe and secure environment for the exploration of erotic/recreational hypnosis. NEEHU is committed to maintaining a culture of ethical behavior, consent, and respect between and among all its attendees.
  2. NEEHU expects all attendees to adhere to the highest ethical standards in relation to seeking and giving enthusiastic consent, and fostering respectful interpersonal interactions with others in the Erotic/Recreational Hypnosis Community. We have Rules of Conduct that delineate basic behavior expected of all attendees at the event that every attendee must read and sign prior to event entry.
  3. NEEHU staff care about you, and want to make sure your experience is the best it can be. If you are concerned that your consent has been ignored or broken, please reach out to NEEHU staff so that we can take appropriate action. We take these complaints seriously, and will take time to understand your unique situation.
  4. People who have transgressed NEEHU’s Rules in minor ways will be informed that their behavior is unacceptable and given a chance to remediate, including one on one discussion, class suggestions, education, and mentoring. People who transgress NEEHU’s rules in major ways or who continue to engage in unacceptable behavior after it is brought to their attention will be given a chance to explain their side of the story and further actions will be taken as needed, up to and including removal from the event. NEEHU’s primary concern is the well-being of our attendees, and there unfortunately may come a point where a person’s continued presence at the event is detrimental to the well-being of our other attendees and that person will be asked to leave. Future attendance of such people at NEEHU will be at the sole discretion of the event organizer.
  5. By attending NEEHU you are agreeing to our rules, policies, and waiver, with the awareness that should you transgress them you are subject to expulsion from the event. Additionally, NEEHU reserves the right to refuse or rescind the privilege of entry to any person for any reason at any time.
  6. NEEHU strives to advance the culture of consent in the Erotic Hypnosis Community. To this end, our policy may be updated to reflect continued discussion of this topic as needed.