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Imagine a space where people from all around the world come together to share their passion for recreational and erotic hypnosis. A safe space to share, explore, trance, and be tranced.

NEEHU is a place for people who are curious, no matter what their level of experience with hypnosis. People who want to experience hypnosis or learn how to hypnotize someone for the first time are welcome, as are those who have done this for too long to remember. Bring your passion, bring your curiosity, and prepare for an amazing weekend!

This event is about YOU. About what YOU want to learn. Your ideas, suggestions, and passion make it come to life. If you want to see something, say something! If you want to teach something, let us know! There will be a dedicated open space for impromptu unconference style sharing. This event is a celebration of our community, and strengthens the network of people across the country who are learning, sharing, and growing together.

New for NEEHU 5!

We have the space starting at 10AM on Friday! This gives us more time together to do our thing!

Highlights of event (included with registration!)

* 3 full days of hypnosis classes and demos
* 2 play parties at The Society’s Space
* Meet’n’greet cocktail hours with tasty hor d’oeuvres
* A better organized unconference presence
* Hypnosis 101 track
* Content geared towards both subjects and hypnotists
* Hypnotic icebreaker activities at the play parties
* Good food that you can eat, even if you’re vegan, gluten intolerant, or meat loving. (Hearty hor d’oeuvres Friday night, Continental breakfast Saturday, Lunch Saturday, all day brunch buffet Sunday are included)
* Amazing people from all over the country who are into hypnosis (that would be YOU!)

Schedule (outline)


Afternoon: Volunteer opportunities. Hotel serves free “light dinner” and beer/wine until 6:30 PM.
Evening: Low key hangout/volunteer suite un-party. Jacuzzi time.


AM: Free breakfast at hotel.
10 AM: Friday activities begin (more info pending)
6PM: Meet’n’greet/hor d’oeuvres
8PM: NEW! Hypnosis exploratorium with ice breakers, experience stations, and more!
10PM: Open play


AM: Free breakfast in Hotel
9:30AM: Welcome! Unconference scheduling, space orientation.
10AM: First class
1PM: Lunch break. Unconference scheduling.
6PM: Dinner break. Volunteer/presenter/staff dinner in The Space.
8PM: Play party


10AM: First class, unconference scheduling.
4PM: Closing ceremony
5PM: Event over, cleanup begins (volunteers needed!)
7PM: Post-con dinner at ___________________________


AM: One last breakfast together for those who remain


Early registration (until 2/20/14):

$50 Society/NELA
$60 General

Regular registration (2/20/14-3/27/14):

$60 Society/NELA
$70 General

At the door:

$80 if you are known to the group.
If you are planning on registering at the door, please send an e-mail to


Click here for the hotel page!


So, what is an unconference, and where does NEEHU fit in?
Links to our google drive programming documents. These documents living documents that are updated in real time as our program develops. Watch it grow and evolve based on your desires! Schedule is subject to change up until the class happens.
NEEHU 5 Class List
NEEHU 5 Schedule Grid
NEEHU 5 Presenters

Event Rules

The Society’s Rules
Ethics and Etiquette

  •   21+
  •   No alcohol/drugs/smoking
  •   No vaginal/anal/oral sex
  •   No photography at The Society

Volunteer at NEEHU!

If you commit to work at least 5 hours, you get admission for $50 with our volunteer admission code. If you plan to work many hours, you may qualify for free crash space in our wonderful Volunteer Suite. Message mephki (at)nehg (dot) info or Mephki  on Fetlife for more info. Positions include food prep, more food prep, setup, cleanup, timekeeping, registration table, printed materials, and more!

Community Enrichment Scholarship

Do you long to attend NEEHU but don’t have the funds? Apply for our Community Enrichment Scholarship!

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