NEEHU Ribbon Exchange

Every Sunday of NEEHU we have a time where people can spend time thanking each-other for the good times they shared over the weekend. We use ribbons and yarn as representations of ourselves and our thanks. Everyone who wants to participate (participation encouraged!) chooses a ribbon or yarn that suits them, makes a loop about 3 feet long as a necklace to wear and cuts the rest into ~3-5 inch pieces. Participants then go around and find all the people who made their weekend memorable, say thanks, and ask permission to tie a ribbon to theirs. At the end of the event, we are left with a lot of great memories and a physical reminder of the event and all the individual people who made it especially wonderful.

If you want to make your ribbon ceremony extra special, bring your own yarn/ribbon that means something to you (suggest at least 30 feet/10 meters). (If you want to donate yarn/ribbon leftovers to this event, we love you lots!)

l thanks to DeepMind DarkWood for inspiring this tradition. I still have the rope we made that one year.