Hypnosis Calendar NEEHU

NEEHU 15: From Apr 25-29, now in Nashua, NH

There was a fire in our venue that led to the hotel closing for remodeling.

This necessitates some changes as our event space is different.

The Basics

  • Hotel is $139/night
  • We will have 3 nights of dungeon equipment and Thursday night Hypnosis play
  • Thursday-day will be games, hopefully some hypnosis programming, and Quality Time With Friends.
  • Friday – Sunday will be normal NEEHU con with classes and play parties
  • We will have a PRIVATE FLOOR on Fri/Sat/Sun nights with card access only and a sweet lounge full of couches for our exclusive use.
  • There will be vending

Annual Theme: Games (and Hypnosis)

This means we will have a board game lounge and encourage people to make all those hypno-themed RPGs happen.

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NEEHU 14/EEEHU 4! March 30-April 3, 2023

TL;DR NEEHU this year has a “science of the mind” theme this year. Welcome to NEEHU Laboratories, where mad science is encouraged and we are here to spend a weekend exploring all the cool things our minds can do!


Join us for a long weekend of hypnokinky fun with a science twist! Thursday will be an exploratorium style somewhat planned in advance unconference with some show-and-tell, and various things to experience. Bring your fun hypno toys, tech-oriented BDSM gadgets (IE TENS, violet wand, remote controlled toys…) and share your knowledge and experience!
Friday through Sunday will be a more traditional style conference, with classes during the day and a play party in our hotel-based dungeon at night.

For more info, we have an 18+ Discord server where you can ask questions and engage with people prior to the event! Highly recommend joining the Discord Server ASAP to stay up to date with the event! Click here to join!

Register for NEEHU 14/EEEHU 4

Your registration includes:

  • Classes, with Guests of Honor including Neuromancer28
  • 4 nights of play party in our well-equipped dungeon
  • Social events such as speed trance
  • Online/hybrid conference
  • Vendors!
  • Quiet/downtime space with coloring books and other art supplies
  • Consent team

Buy Tickets

We are thrilled to be working with Forbidden Tickets to ticket this event! Never have I felt more comfortable with a ticketing service, as what could be better than a platform designed by kinksters, for kinksters!

In-Person Ticket Pricing (Online Event Access included for free)
  • $100 until Feb 1
  • $120 Feb 1- March 15
  • $120 March 15
Online-only Ticket Pricing
  • $25-50

✨ Buy tickets for NEEEHU and/or EEEHU here! ✨

Hotel Information/Amenities:

  • Fitness center and heated indoor pool (COVID restrictions might change this.)
  • Free parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Shuttle around Hartford (not to airport, alas)

Booking info provided when you register.

  • Price: about $125/night for king or double room
  • You must be 21+ to book a room. This is an 18+ event; if you are under 21 and having trouble getting your room, we are happy to help you out.
COVID Policy:

Vaccination required, policy re: masking to be determined based on how the winter COVID season is going and case load at the time of the conference. It’s looking pretty likely that masks will be required.

As always, if you feel sick, please stay home!

Hypnosis Calendar NEEHU

NEEHU 13 AND EEEHU 3! April 7-11, 2022!

Handy Summary Of Links Because That’s Probably What You Are Looking For:

More about the event:

After 2 years of being online only thanks to COVID, we are taking the leap to being a hotel event with a simultaneous online event! We’re excited to have this new space and a whole lot less driving to do! NEEHU 13 will be a 4 day convention, with Thursday dedicated to fun longer classes and opportunities to connect with friends, both old and new. Our emphasis, as ever, is on creating a playground for people to meet, learn, practice, and play, and our new venue will facilitate this with tons of space!

New, exciting stuff this year:

  • More than 6000 SF of hotel-based conference space
  • 8 classrooms that hold between 40-80 people
  • Dedicated Room Block
  • 18+
  • A big dungeon play party for 3.5 nights of (Thurs, Fri, Sat, and until approx 11PM on Sun) in our in-hotel dungeon with furniture provided by BrewHaven CT.
  • Consent team independent of event staffing available 24/7
  • Emphasis on social spaces, quiet spaces, and creative activities
  • Icebreakers and games
  • Ambassador program to help new folx get started
  • And, of course, classes by some really awesome presenters!

Registration Information:

  • Hey! This is pricing for a past event (2022). If you’re looking to buy tickets for this year’s event, make sure to check the matching post. NEEEHU-14/EEEHU-4 (2023) info can be found here.

    Buy a NEEHU (in-person) ticket on
    $80 until Jan 31
    $100 Feb 1-March 31
    $120 March 31-April 9

  • Buy an EEEHU (online only) ticket on for ($20-40).
  • Hotel Information/Amenities:

    • Fitness center and heated indoor pool (COVID restrictions might change this.)
    • Free parking
    • Free WiFi
    • Shuttle around Hartford (not to airport, alas)

    Booking info provided when you register.
    $89/night for king or double room
    21+ to book a room, this is an 18+ event. If you are under 21 and having trouble getting your room, we are happy to help you out.

    COVID Policy:

    In-Person Con attendees must provide proof of vaccination and a recent (within the week of the event) COVID test. Vaccination and testing status will be checked at sign-in. There will be a small allotment of places for people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons (less than 5% of the con), with proof of such reasons being required at registration. Masks will be required in classes for all attendees. These guidelines are subject to change in response to the current situation with COVID and local and state guidelines regarding large public events.


NEEHU 10 … Everything you need to know all in one place!

March 28-April 1, 2019

Get your tickets!

Book your hotel room!

Submit a presentation!

Sign up to volunteer!

RSVP on Fetlife!  

Check out the schedule and presentation list (late Feb, early March)

NEEHU updates

NEEHU 9 Ambassador/Explorer Program!

Misty is organizing a program this year to help pair up new folks (Explorers) attending NEEHU 9 with more experienced attendees (Ambassadors) who will be there to help them get the most out of their con. This is a program to encourage friendship and help new folk feel like they know someone at the event beforehand, not for making hookups.

We’ve got a form for you to fill out!

You will get a message about 2 weeks before the con you’ll get a message with the name and contact info of your Ambassador/Explorer.

If you missed the 2 week matchup, there will be an at-con match up on Thursday.

There will be a meetup on both Thursday and Friday nights specifically for Ambassadors and their Explorers to meet up and socialize!

NEEHU updates

Let’s Connect!

So I’ve totally fallen in love with Discord, a free chat/voice server platform that is simple, user friendly, and easy to invite people to!

I couldn’t resist making a NEEHU group there for communication before and during the conference.

Come join me! I can’t wait to chat with people!

Click here to join!  Or use this link:


NEEHU 8 Save The Date! March 9-13, 2017

The hotel, ticketing, and other information should be live in 1-2 weeks.

We’re going to be at The Society and our beloved Hyatt House again this year.

NEEHU updates

NEEHU 6 Fetlife event is live!

Go forth and RSVP!

You can even get a ticket now if you want!  (just click here!)

And of course, our Fetlife group is where you will hear about things first!

Keep an eye out for the hotel reservation site… it’s not ready yet!


NEEHU 6 Website Updates!

NEEHU 6 is coming on March 12-16, 2015!

Again, we will be at The Society in Hartford, CT and the Hyatt House in North Windsor, CT.

The website has been updated to reflect this, with new ticketing links; hotel booking info will be up soon.


NEEHU 5 Registration Info

March 27-31, 2014 @ The Society in Hartford, CT

$60 until February 20th
$70 until March 26th
$80 at door for people known to group
For door registration, send a message to mephki{at}nehg[dot]info with your name/scene name as far in advance as you can.

Click here to buy tickets!

Your registration gets you:

  • 3 days of hypnosis classes and demos (see schedule here)
  • 2 play parties at The Society’s Space
  • Meet’n’greet cocktail hours with tasty hor d’oeuvres
  • A better organized unconference presence
  • Hypnosis 101 track
  • Content geared towards both subjects and hypnotists
  • Hypnotic icebreaker activities at the play parties
  • Good food that you can eat, even if you’re vegan, gluten intolerant, or meat loving. (Hearty hor d’oeuvres Friday night, Continental breakfast Saturday, Lunch Saturday, all day brunch buffet Sunday are included)
  • The chance to spend a weekend with amazing people from all over the country who are into hypnosis