Our friends at Hypbook are raising funds!


These funds will be used to keep providing the hypnosis community with hypbook’s wonderful chatroom and forums, in addition to providing more bandwidth so more educational events can happen.

NEEHU updates

NEEHU 6 Fetlife event is live!

Go forth and RSVP!

You can even get a ticket now if you want!  (just click here!)

And of course, our Fetlife group is where you will hear about things first!

Keep an eye out for the hotel reservation site… it’s not ready yet!


NEEHU 6 Website Updates!

NEEHU 6 is coming on March 12-16, 2015!

Again, we will be at The Society in Hartford, CT and the Hyatt House in North Windsor, CT.

The website has been updated to reflect this, with new ticketing links; hotel booking info will be up soon.