NEEHU 8 Consent Symposium (2017)

This event happened in March 2017 and was attended by about 20 people.
Here is a link to the notes we took!
NEEHU 8 Thursday Consent Symposium details

Graydancer organizer of the GRUE and founder of consent.ROCKS and loniangel from the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom will be spending a day with us leading a discussion about a number of topics pertaining to consent.

When: Thursday March 9th
Where: Meeting room A/B at the Hyatt House Hartford/North Windsor (free parking)
Price: $30 (buy tickets) includes lunch. Tickets will be available at the door as well.
Scholarship: Nobody will be turned away from this event due to inability to pay

There will be no video or audio recording permitted of this session due to privacy concerns of attendees. We will have a google document for collaborative note-taking.

For a preview of some of the material that will be presented, see Graydancer’s Rashomon webinar.

loniangel will be presenting material from NCSF’s Consent Counts curriculum:

Consent isn’t black and white – in fact sometimes what’s legal isn’t considered ethical by kinky people, and vice versa. Come join our interactive discussion to talk about the concepts of risk, limits, renegotiation, and how consent can be given in scenes vs. power exchange relationships. Come talk about how the community is dealing with consent!

  • There will be interactive discussion on NCSF materials including:
  • Consent and BDSM; alternative communication
  • How to protect your event
  • Dealing with consent violations
  • Guide for Groups
  • Trauma
  • Liability for groups
  • Drawing the line

Greydancer will be presenting concepts from consent.ROCKS:

One of the critical factors in improving consent in any community is the way that incidents are handled in the moment. The initial response to a traumatic event can have far-reaching effects on the repercussions later on, both for the people involved and also for the organization and community members. Consent Rocks is a organization and process for fast and effective initial response to consent incidents when they happen, focusing on reducing harm and helping those involved feel supported, heard, and understood.
At the Consent Symposium Graydancer will outline the process as it was developed and as it has been implemented in several events. Attendees will learn not only the basis of the techniques for the Consent Rocks process but also how the process differs from other strategies for improving consent. While this is not meant to be a training for Consent Rocks to be implemented at an event, the overview and examples will also be accompanied with some exercises and role-play examples to give a clear case for why this kind of process is needed throughout the community.