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March 28-April 1, 2019

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NEEHU updates

NEEHU 9 Ambassador/Explorer Program!

Misty is organizing a program this year to help pair up new folks (Explorers) attending NEEHU 9 with more experienced attendees (Ambassadors) who will be there to help them get the most out of their con. This is a program to encourage friendship and help new folk feel like they know someone at the event beforehand, not for making hookups.

We’ve got a form for you to fill out!

You will get a message about 2 weeks before the con you’ll get a message with the name and contact info of your Ambassador/Explorer.

If you missed the 2 week matchup, there will be an at-con match up on Thursday.

There will be a meetup on both Thursday and Friday nights specifically for Ambassadors and their Explorers to meet up and socialize!


NEEHU 9 Tickets and Fetlife event are up!

March 8-12, 2018

Thursday 9AM until Monday 11AM.

Get your tickets here!

$80 until Feb 1

$90 until March 6

$100 at the door

RSVP for the event on Fetlife while you’re at it to help us figure out how many folks are going!



NEEHU 9 is coming!

NEEHU 9 will be a 4 day conference including a smaller Exploratorium style day on the Thursday before the conference.

There will be a bunch of classes (number of classes depends on who volunteers to teach) with the tech theme, and of course lots of awesome general hypnosis classes including our 101 track and practice time. The theme is open to interpretation, and teaching/requesting classes that suit your particular interests is encouraged. The goal is to explore and grow together, for people to share what they find hot.

There will be scholarships for people who contribute to the advancement of hypnosis/technology through their presentations/writings/creations.

NEEHU updates

Let’s Connect!

So I’ve totally fallen in love with Discord, a free chat/voice server platform that is simple, user friendly, and easy to invite people to!

I couldn’t resist making a NEEHU group there for communication before and during the conference.

Come join me! I can’t wait to chat with people!

Click here to join!  Or use this link:


NEEHU Forums

Since Fetlife has purged all groups containing the word “hypnosis,” including our discussion forum, we need another solution for communication.  The timing of the deletion is unfortunate, given that our conference is mere weeks away.  For communication between NEEHU 8 attendees we have made a forum to use for now.  We’re still working to make it pretty, but it is currently functional.

Click here to visit our forums!

If you by any chance enjoy making PhPBB forums look pretty and would like some volunteer raffle tickets in exchange… let’s talk!


Ticketing is live!

Brown Paper Tickets Ticket Widget Loading…

Click Here to visit the Brown Paper Tickets event page.


NEEHU 8 – Thursday Consent Symposium

This year, we are going to be hosting a full day pre-convention Consent Symposium aimed at community leaders, presenters, and event organizers (not just in the EH community) to help us all better handle interpersonal conflict and consent issues at our events. We will be bringing in speakers with training and experience in dealing with these issues including people from outside the Erotic Hypnosis community. One of the goals of the event is to provide our community with knowledge, skills, information, and support so that they can better approach these difficult issues and establish guidelines for their own events/communities.

For more information, check out the NEEHU group on Fetlife, especially this post.

Click here to buy tickets!

Consent Symposium Details (separate from NEEHU 8 registration):

  • Thursday March 9, 2017 in at the Hyatt House North Windsor (max attendees: 60)
  • Cost: ~$30 (nobody will be turned away because they can’t pay; this is important)
  • Times: ~9AM-5PM
  • There will be rooms available at convention rates for this date.

Rough Outline:

9AM-12:30 PM – Morning session
12:30-1:30 – Lunch
1:30-5PM – Afternoon session
5PM-7PM – Heavy Snacks/Light Dinner and free drinks


NEEHU 8 Save The Date! March 9-13, 2017

The hotel, ticketing, and other information should be live in 1-2 weeks.

We’re going to be at The Society and our beloved Hyatt House again this year.


NEEHU 7: March 10-14, 2016

I’m working on updating information on the site for NEEHU 7!

We’ll be back at The Society and the Hyatt House Hartford/Windsor this year.

Registration is live!

Hotel booking info is right here!

Volunteer, scholarship, programming, and vending sections of the website are also updated for 2016.

We’re trying some new things this year including:

  • Scholarship theme #2 this year is “new presenters”. Bloggers may apply for community scholarship!
  • Class submissions are now via web form
  • Presenters are asked to initially limit themselves to no more than three solo classes to help encourage diversity of presenters
  • A Taste of Hypnokink will be back, and better than ever!  (Start thinking about how you want to contribute!)