There will be more opportunities to vend at NEEHU now that we are at a hotel!  We are looking for vendors who are members of our community or selling items relevant to our community.  Preference is given to people who make things by hand for the event.  We ask that everyone who is vending be prepared to staff their vending table during the hours they wish to vend.  Vendors will be expected to donate at least 1 nice item to our Volunteer Raffle.

Vending hours: TBD

2 Responses to Vending

  1. Avatar Doris Fine
    Doris Fine says:

    I would like to vend at the event, I specialize in jewelry, lingerie, bdsm items, and hypno kink jewelry

  2. @Doris, so sorry for missing your post! I don’t check the comments on the website very often. The best way to ask a question is to e-mail me! mephki (at) nehg (dot) info!