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There will be a shared vending table at NEEHU including books by authors such as Wiseguy.

Please e-mail mephki@nehg.info if you are interested in vending.

NEEHU does not provide vending table staff; vendors are responsible for staffing the table.  In past years, vendors have collaborated so that only one person is staffing it at a time.  Vendors will be expected to donate approximately 1 item for every 10 they sell to the Thank You Raffle.

Vending hours

Fri & Sat 10AM – 6PM
Sun 10AM-4PM

Mind Play by Wiseguy

2 Responses to Vending

  1. Avatar Doris Fine
    Doris Fine says:

    I would like to vend at the event, I specialize in jewelry, lingerie, bdsm items, and hypno kink jewelry

  2. @Doris, so sorry for missing your post! I don’t check the comments on the website very often. The best way to ask a question is to e-mail me! mephki (at) nehg (dot) info!