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March 28-April 1, 2019

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NEEHU updates

NEEHU 9 Ambassador/Explorer Program!

Misty is organizing a program this year to help pair up new folks (Explorers) attending NEEHU 9 with more experienced attendees (Ambassadors) who will be there to help them get the most out of their con. This is a program to encourage friendship and help new folk feel like they know someone at the event beforehand, not for making hookups.

We’ve got a form for you to fill out!

You will get a message about 2 weeks before the con you’ll get a message with the name and contact info of your Ambassador/Explorer.

If you missed the 2 week matchup, there will be an at-con match up on Thursday.

There will be a meetup on both Thursday and Friday nights specifically for Ambassadors and their Explorers to meet up and socialize!