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  • NEEHU XI (NEEHU 11) is coming! And it’s going to be really different!

    Big huge difference #1: We will be at a hotel in the Hartford, CT area. Location of the hotel and booking information will only be disclosed to registered attendees to protect the privacy of the event. We will have a LOT of space and can do so many cool things with it!

    Big difference #2: We’re now 18+ because we get to decide our own age policy! We will be reworking all of our rules to better suit the new venue.

    Big difference #3: We will have a “party floor” at the hotel where there will be fun stuff going on. There will even be a contest for “best room party!”

    There will be a lot of small differences too, and tons of ways for everyone so inclined to contribute their awesomeness to the event.

  • NEEHU 9 Ambassador/Explorer Program!

    Misty is organizing a program this year to help pair up new folks (Explorers) attending NEEHU 9 with more experienced attendees (Ambassadors) who will be there to help them get the most out of their con. This is a program to encourage friendship and help new folk feel like they know someone at the event beforehand, not for making hookups.

    We’ve got a form for you to fill out!

    You will get a message about 2 weeks before the con you’ll get a message with the name and contact info of your Ambassador/Explorer.

    If you missed the 2 week matchup, there will be an at-con match up on Thursday.

    There will be a meetup on both Thursday and Friday nights specifically for Ambassadors and their Explorers to meet up and socialize!

  • Welcome to the new NEEHU website!

    We are in the process of ironing out the details for NEEHU 5, and the information will be up on this site as soon as it is available!

    Don’t forget that our FetLife group is the best way to interact with the event organizers!

    Can’t wait until NEEHU 5?  Check out the National Recreational Hypnosis Calendar for upcoming events near you!