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1.  I am experiencing financial difficulty, can you help me get to NEEHU?

Maybe!  We offer $50 volunteer memberships and if you work a lot, we will make sleeping arrangements for you too.  We also have the community enrichment scholarship, which awards travel funding, registration fee, and sleeping arrangements for a few lucky community members.  We also work very hard to help people find carpool partners and roommates.  We work closely with local hypnosis groups to fulfill the needs of their members.

2. I’m new to hypnosis, is this con for me?

YES!  We always have classes geared towards beginners.  You will get a good foundation in hypnosis for recreational use after our 101 track.  There will also be ample opportunities to practice, and folks who absolutely love mentoring newbies.

3. I’m under 21, is there any way I can attend?

Sorry, but our venue is very strict about the age requirement.  NEEHU will be waiting for you when you are over 21.

4. What should I wear at NEEHU?

NEEHU has no formal dress code, but people are encouraged to dress up for the Friday night event.  During the day, comfortable clothing is advised.  During the play party, nudity is allowed and some people choose to wear fetish/bondage attire.  This is entirely optional.  The event organizer has worn everything from an evening gown, a tuxedo, a chainmail bikini, to simply T-shirt and pants.  The hotel has a pool and jacuzzi which we will be using, especially if you are staying Thursday or Sunday night.  Please avoid wearing strong perfumes/colognes, as there will be many people at the venue.

5. How do I get a ticket at the door?

Send Mephki (mephki [at] nehg [dot] info) an e-mail as soon as you know that you will be getting a ticket at the door; the venue does not like surprise attendees.  You may pay with cheque, money order, or cash.  You will be required to provide ID (confidential) and sign our liability waiver.

6.  What food is provided?

Friday PM appetizers, both hot and cold.  Saturday AM hot breakfast served at hotel, muffins and danish and coffee at event for those who missed breakfast at hotel.  Saturday lunch is sandwiches and other cold comestibles. Saturday dinner is provided for volunteers, staff, presenters, and those who are on a tight budget.  There will be snacks at the play party.  Sunday features a waffle brunch.

7. Will there be food that I can eat?

We endeavor to have vegetarian, gluten free, and low carb alternatives for our attendees.  Let us know about allergies or needs when registering, we will try to accommodate.

8. I am registering for several people, how do I enter their names for the name badges?

You can write a note in the “tell me something you need me to know” section with the information, or you can do something like: Name 1: Joe, Name 2: Liz; Scenename 1: Hypnolover33; Scenename 2: Tranceinyourpants92.

9. Are tickets refundable?

No, but they may be transferred if you notify us first.  If you buy a ticket and can’t make it this year, you might convince us to give you a free registration for next year.

10. Will there be a blanket fort at NEEHU 5?

Yes, yes there will.  It will be constructed by enthusiastic Blanket Fort Engineers, and will be around during the day as a cozy retreat.  The blanket fort will not be available during the Saturday night play party as it will be constructed using a very desirable hard point.

11. What do the name badges look like?

Name badges look different depending on your role at the convention.  If you are teaching classes or heavily involved with organization, your badge will be dark grey and black.  If you are attending and not presenting, your badge will be grey.  The triskelion spiral is a symbol of NEEHU.  In BDSM, the triskelion is a common symbol used to represent the kink community, just as is the spiral for the hypnosis community.

NEEHU 2 badge without name


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    hypnosisenthusiast says:

    Is there a roommate wanted list? The hotel is booked solid and I can’t get a room.