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NEEHU is always in need of volunteers, both before and during the con. Volunteer jobs include:

  • Kitchen staff
  • Registration table
  • Rideshare/carpooling coordination and participation
  • Promotion of event
  • Travel facilitator, roomshare facilitator
  • Web design/graphic design
  • Printed materials management
  • Setup/cleanup
  • Vending table organizing

Volunteers who donate 4 hours of their time may elect to register for $50.

Volunteers who donate 12 hours of their time at the con may elect to stay in our volunteer suite.

Do you want to help out with NEEHU?

Fortunately, there are many, many things at NEEHU that are waiting for your help.  Some little things, some big things.  Some fast things, some heavy things, some things with wheels, and some things that are edible… all the things!

We have a new system this year for signing up for volunteering!  Here’s what to do:

1. Research which jobs you would like to do!  Descriptions are included on the sign-up form!

2. Sign up using the volunteer form.

3. Send a message to volunteer [at] neehu . org with any questions you may have.

4. On and after March 1, you will be able to sign up for volunteer shifts.  You can do this in two ways, first by editing the volunteer spreadsheet (volunteer e-mail addresses will be added to the list of people who can edit it.)  To sign up for your shift, put your name in the box corresponding with the job you want to do and the time you are signing up for.  If you don’t want to edit the spreadsheet youself, you can e-mail volunteer@neehu.org with the jobs and times you want and we will do the best to accommodate you.  Please be aware that e-mails will be checked at least daily, but the best way to guarantee the shifts you want is to sign up for them yourself.

5.  Before the con, you will get a mail with more details about your job and the plan for the area(s) of the con you are working.  Depending on the area, there might be discussion via e-mail to incorporate your suggestions or even a skype or google hangout to get everyone organized.

6.  At the con, there will be copies of the volunteer schedule posted, and con ops will be able to help you figure out where you will be when.   Please show up for your shifts… we are counting on you!

NEEHU would not happen if not for the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. Volunteers who work at least 4 hours may elect to get $50 admission to the convention. Volunteers who work at least 12 hours may elect to crash in the volunteer suite for the duration of the con. All volunteers will receive free pizza on Saturday night. There will be 2-4 positions available for people who would otherwise be unable to attend the con and who will be working >12 hours during prime con hours. Each hour volunteered will give you one Thank You raffle ticket to be used for our Thank You raffle on Sunday.