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So, what is an unconference, and where does NEEHU fit in?

Links to our google drive programming documents. These are living documents that are updated in real time as our program develops. Watch it grow and evolve based on your desires and contributions! Our schedule is subject to change up until the class happens.

NEEHU 9 Presentation Proposal Form (responses)
NEEHU 9 Presentation list
NEEHU 9 Schedule

Do you want to present?

We want you to present too! This applies especially to people who are newer to presenting and who represent minority groups.  There will be protected time for newer presenters so you don’t have to worry about “going up against big names.”  If you really want to present and have doubts of any kind, please talk to us and we will help you!

Note: all presenters will be vetted before being accepted onto the presenter list. If you are unknown to the *EHU community, we will chat with you to help you become familiar with our expectations for presenters.

1. Come up with an idea for a class that you would love to present.

We encourage creativity and collaboration, exploring things that you’ve been wondering about or developing in your personal play. We expect all presenters to model good safety practice and enthusiastic consent from their subjects. If you need help developing your idea, feel free to make a post about it on the presenter’s group or on fetlife, depending on the type of exposure/feedback you want. If you’re looking for co-presenters or panel members, a post on the presenter list is a great way to get started.

If you see that there exists a presentation on our grid that is similar to something you would like to do, please submit your idea too!  It is valuable to have multiple perspectives on popular topics, and not every person can get to every class so your presentation will give them options.

2. Write it up!

We now have a convenient submission form for your class submission pleasure!  Click here to go to it!

3. Consider joining the NEEHU presenters/staff list.

This is a behind-the-scenes mailing list/google group for discussion of things like presentations and different activities at NEEHU. To start the process of joining the list, send Mephki a Fetlife message or e-mail mephki@nehg.info. If you are not known to NEEHU/MEEHU/WEEHU, hypbook, or your local hypnosis community, you will likely be asked to provide references and participate in an e-mail exchange before joining the group.

4. We will assign your class to a time slot in February.

The schedule grid is not for public editing. If you really want your class at a certain time, write a note in the desired location/time column (far right of sheet). There will be time to review the schedule, avoid creating quantum singularities, and make changes after the programming tetris has occurred.

*Run times determined by availability of classrooms and limited by conference setup. Most blocks are 1 hour or 45 minutes. Classes over 60-75 minutes are hard to schedule, and are more likely to be on Friday or Sunday. Priority for longer class slots will be given to classes with high anticipated attendance.