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Here’s a few tips about traveling to NEEHU:

  1. The airport closest to Hartford is Bradley International Airport (BDL).  The hotel has a free shuttle from the airport, but you need to call to get it.
  2. If you live in the Northeast, Toronto, or near Chicago, there might be a carpool leaving from your area. Fetlife is the best place to find people to travel with!
  3. Amtrak runs to Hartford, but be aware that the hotel is about 10 miles from Hartford.  Also be aware that NEEHU attendees are wonderful about giving each-other rides, and if you ask on our Fetlife group or e-mail mephki (at) NEHG (dot) info, you will have help finding a ride!
  4. Don’t stress about getting from the hotel to The Society… we carpool and as long as you are leaving when everyone else is, you will have no trouble finding a ride.  Those 10 minute conversations with new people are a cool part of the convention!

One Response to Transportation

  1. Hey! I noticed on the transportation that someone might have room going from Chicago? Any chance I could get a lift? I’m in Minneapolis, but I could take a bus to Chicago. Thanks, y’all!